Pool & Spas

We are a full service maintenance and repair company, proudly serving the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  From weekly cleans to equipment repairs, our name is synonymous with dependable, reliable, and professional.     

Weekly Pool and Spa Cleans

All service is provided by a certified pool technician on change-over day and again at mid-week on occupied weeks. Each visit will include the following service:

• Vacuum pool  
• Scrub tile line    
• Check and add chemicals as necessary  
• Empty skimmers and pump baskets 
• Backwash filter  
• Clean up pool area 
• Check all equipment is functioning properly

• Vacuum Spa
• Scrub water line
• Check and add chemicals as necessary 
• Clean filter
• Check equipment is functioning properly
• Drain and refill with fresh water as necessary

Vinyl Liner Patching

Where possible liner holes and small tears can be patched.  Patch it before it gets bigger!

Replacement Vinyl Pool Liners
•Custom measured and ordered to fit
•We use water tanks to store, recycle, and preserve the current pool water -- Eco-Friendly and added savings!
•Sometimes the unexpected happens, so liner replacements can be coordinated and completed on change-over day

Color/Pattern links:
Premier Vinyl Liners
Tara Manufacturing
Dover Pool Products

Leak Detection

Do you have a leak that is costing you bundles on water?  Is it in the returns or maybe the main drain? We can determine where the leak is and resolve the problem.

Spa Repairs

The root cause of failure tends to elude most, but not our tech -- skilled troubleshooting, and cost effective sensible solutions.  We keep an array of commonly used parts on hand to be able to provide repair service quickly.  

Spa Covers
Custom measured 5x3 taper from Prestige Spa Covers
Safety/Winter Pool Covers
•Protect your investment
•Provide a safety barrier
•Create an aesthetically pleasing view of your pool during the winter  
•Custom measured and made to order
Pool Heaters
Extend your rental season and boost your income.  Pool heaters are a desirable amenity -- almost a must have.  Choose the equipment best suited to withstand our corrosive environment.  Contact us for an estimate!
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